A Kinder World – Legacy Animation

Goya Studios is delighted to partner with The League Against Cruel Sports to present to you this animated story. This heartfelt tale promotes the LeagueACS’s legacy programme – a key funding source for their incredible charity work towards improving the welfare of animals.

The tale of this fortunate fox highlights just how important it is for wildlife to have a safe haven. Wildlife faces many ongoing dangers from humans including hunting and road accidents. With your support, the LeagueACS can provide these much-needed sanctuaries for foxes, otters and pheasants along with many other species.

By preserving the countryside in this way, we are leaving behind not only a kinder world for future generations, but a more natural and environmentally friendly world too. The stunning natural landscapes and wildlife in the United Kingdom deserve to be protected for our children and their children onwards.

This animation was made almost entirely using stop-motion animation and adobe’s after-affects. The characters were made from vegan felted fibres (ramie and bamboo) and recycled watercolour paper and paints. Goya Studios highly prioritises the environment and it’s ethics, by choosing greener options for materials and methods in its production process.

The stop-motion puppets were animated using physical green-screen methods. These were later edited with adobe software. This animation was solely made by Frankie Cook (Director of Goya Studios) at home, during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020.

The League Against Cruel Sports is thrilled to have engaged Goya Studios to support us in working towards our aim of ending cruel ‘sports’ for good. Goya Studios delivered an animation that encompassed our brand values with careful consideration for our cause. The result is an animation which inspires audiences and helps us to create a more compassionate society for animals.The LeagueACS

This quirky and heartfelt stop-motion animation was Goya Studios’ first animated film as a business. We are now looking into developing more sustainable animation methods in the future.